About #33

I told you guys that I went on a blind date in the Bahamas and I wanted to share how the experience went. I share my experiences in hopes that all my single sister friends feel inspired to get out there and try something different. So anyway, I saw this article in a travel group that I am in about #Vacationships. It was a simple concept that I fell in love with, a relationship that is based on travel. Which leads me to 33.

How I scored 33: So #Guy 33 saw the article in the travel group that we are both in. He commented on the post like many others in the group and indicated he was interested. There were literally 100 interested women to every 1 interested man commenting on the post so I had to strike first. I tried to think of something clever to say. I came up with ‘Hey”…… 2 months later we were in the Bahamas.


The Logistics: We paid for our own travel, split the cost of the hotel, and he paid for most drinks and food.
We had a suite with one King sized bed. The bed served as a refuge for our drunken nights. No cuddling and kissing, just two strangers in the night sharing a bed. Him facing the left, me facing the right.

Favorite Moments: #33 looked like a coffee colored snack. Any moment he had that shirt off was my favorite…..


He was ok with PDA. Although he never initiated it, he certainly would participate in it. I am very touchy feely and was over the moon that he would accept my invitation at hand holding and arm clasping. I would lay softly on that chiseled chest of his and bask in the stillness of our moments.

I loved everything we did in the water, I love that he was easy going, I love that his money was free-flowing, I loved that he let me sleep in, I love that he literally said yes to everything I asked of him, But mostly- I love the way he didn’t budge in his disposition when that wig came off…..because your girl was not about to have that thang on all flipping trip. It was bound to come off in the water so I had to let him know that the wig was as permanent as I am; she’s going to go wherever the wind blows, literally.

Love Connection: Prolly not… Perhaps… Maybe…

There wasn’t any romance. He’s very respectful but sweet, thoughtful and romantic are not words I would use to describe him. He does not shower you with compliments or show any form of adoration. He rarely says much at all. Getting him to open up was a difficult task. I feel like I know as much about him now as before we went on the trip. He was present but he wasn’t present ya’know? He’s very stoic in nature. He does not express emotions at all. He will go with the flow but you never know where you stand with him. I’m not sure if he likes me or not.

This life ain’t for everybody……but it works for me.
Thanks for a great time 33- sorry I forgot the grapefruit! 😉 #IssaJoke