Church and The Young

Church and the young. A messenger was sent to free us from sin but where does the story begin? 10% and repent, give your best to God and free your mind state of irrational thoughts. The Church has been our stable refuge, a place for communion and hopefully a solution to this erratic state, debate about topics such as police brutality, inequality, and racism. A union for some and a refuge for others.


Is the church up for debate in 2017? A lawless society, a mockery of the unjust. My brother Emmett Till, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Mike Brown and countless others who have died from the gun and locked up for bogus charges. We tried to sell canibus to supplement our income but now it’s almost legal in every state and the 5% are profiting on our misfortune, we continue to mourn. The soul is torn, families are separated and deported. We continue to pray in the synagog but there is no compassion. The preacher is flossed out and constantly asking for ends by where does the poor man’s story begin?

We should come to church as we are but so much is flash, cash, screaming and shouting for an hour but an hour later going back to your old life. Where was the church when they hung all of our brothers, where is the church in educating the countless illiterate adults, where is the church in the killing of all the youth from endless gun violence, is it 10% and silence? Preachers march for an unjust cause. Society and the moral fabric is cracking and there are no safety nets, only big words, chapters that we can’t relate to, it’s time for the church to step up and end this debate of irrational exuberance and material.

Raymond H Smith