Dear Human Revolution:

Dear Human Revolution:

I’m tired
My inside’s on fire and I️ can’t get hired
Jobs look at me and see only my karma
Deep cuts and bruises underneath this armor of
“Nam myoho renge kyo”
I wanna fly, not be in disguise, be myself and win the prize. The prize of complete wisdom and compassion for all humankind
But no matter how much I try, cry, and weep
Sometimes these negative forces make me feel weak


Consistently inspired
Relentlessly in dyer
Need to bleed in exchange for my desires
I’m trapped in my skin losing while feeling like everyone wins
Hard to lift my chin when I’m meat in a lion’s den
Or am I the lion?
Do I capture the heart of a lion king?
Or am I just fooling around in life’s boxing ring?
I chant fervently
Nam myoho renge kyo

The mental state I’m in is grim my temper filled to the brim
The anger from the pain is tearing me limb from limb
The more time that passes the more that time slows
All my rhymes filled with cons, I’m still looking for pros
Relentlessly I chant Nam myoho renge kyo
Depression blows but my pen is my only way to expose
The hurt that is deep inside
Is it my pride? Or am I afraid of this ride, turns and dips in this thing called life?
I pray earnestly in strife
To break through
I know my heart is true, sincere down to its core glad that I’m not the me that I was before


But still…

my woes I️ suppose, that’s the reason I’m frozen
Feel like I’m choking while tryna stay open
wanna be as honest as I️ can with no promises broken
I️ chant every day and I️ hope that I’m chosen
That the universe lends my protection
Those positive forces
I wanna make the right choices

I chant Nam myoho renge kyo
Never give up!