For My Race

I would love bliss for my race
Would commit the crime with gloves that don’t fit for my race
Write these rhymes and take a matching pic of my race
To point out all the pointless bullshit for my race
I would take the whole day just to pray for my race
Just to hear him say it’s gonna be ok for my race
Would strive to stop all the crime and hate in my race
Cause it’d make me take the time to save face for my race

It’s a disgrace that my worth is amounted by race
I’m astounded you’ve all mentally grounded my race
But we stand tall even though the system doubted my race
We created all, you need to f*cking bow to my race
It’s time to heal for real we need a solid plan for my race
No more pills, get rid of molly and popping xan’s for my race
Opened our eyes we know the deal you not a fan of our race
Sick of them lies we only kneel cause you won’t stand for our race



Is it because our essence is too pure?
Or you just can’t stand the presence of the poor
Is that the reason you get reckless and beat us to the floor
scream We breathless but all you hear is lean on em’ some more
So what’s the tally now since we keeping the score?
Slavery, segregation, and now we on death’s door
Looking at evils congregation tryna press record


These illegal confrontations make us address this war
See we the peaceful population, we picked up pens not swords
Even tho you kill our men and turn our women into whores
Overworking for dollars just to spend in your stores
Seeking validation from love pink and juicy couture
This place ain’t safe we need to block the allure

Cause My race worth more than gunshots and liquor stores
There’s a problem, seems world peace is the only solution
And as I say that I can tell you may find this amusin’
Open your eyes I know you’re blind we have no time for delusions
The conclusion is we’re humans and race is just an illusion