Guy 42: The Executive

So……another blind date- another city. It all happened so quickly- one moment, a much older, distinguished, well-known executive popped in my DM and said “Hello” ……a few days later he was putting me on a plane to meet him in the city that never sleeps.

The logistics: He paid for everything. I mean he took care of the flights, the shows, the food, the penthouse, the transportation to and from the hotel, and anything else my heart desired. At the end of the trip- he presented me with a small bankroll to go shopping once I got home.


I flew First Class and was feeling extra fancy- but was equally as nervous. What would he expect in return for such fancy treatment? What was I looking for? Why was I going? I didn’t have the answers. I’m guessing…it was because he was charming and I thought it would be a great experience.

Once I arrived in Las Vegas- I received a text that said he would be sending his driver there to pick me up and bring me to him. As I was exiting the airport I see a guy(driver) holding a sign with my name on it! It totally said my name! I thought that was so sweet. I couldn’t contain my excitement and I was eager to see what would happen next. So I’m in the limo and the driver takes me to the hotel……I’m told to go to the top level……I cant get in there tho because you have to have a key so my date had to come and get me. Until that moment- I had yet to see him


The Guy: He’s older than me but real cool and down to earth. He dresses in suits and ties and fancy shit that I can’t pronounce. He’s a handsome fella- not much taller than me but tall enough. He’s the color of peanut butter but is as sweet as jam.

So anyways….We didn’t say much on the elevator ride up but his scent spoke for him. He smelled rich as fuk’. His scent was powerful and intimidating much like his persona.

The penthouse was dope- nice views-hella large space- a Jacuzzi, a hot tub, a fruit tray, a charcuterie tray, and chocolates galore. It was such a nice spread! We had separate sleeping areas per my request. My accommodations could have easily taken care of a small family. I was beyond impressed.
The first night was awash- in the city that never sleeps……that’s all I did. I was jet-lagged and tired. Apparently, he was as well because he joined my slumber. No funny business……he slept fully clothed. Me under the blankets- him on top of them. I never made it to my room because we fell asleep talking.

Saturday was the meat and potatoes of the date- we walked the city, had a fancy meal, went to a Vegas show, played in the casino and went to bed at 11 PM. Its the first time that I went to Vegas and did not party and it was actually very refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed his company and how cool the date was going.

My Favorite part of the date was our breakfast conversations. We dined over Bagels and Locs. It was delicious. But even more tasteful was the conversation we shared. I wanted to sip his verbs, and swallow his nouns; I was in lingual love. I could talk to him forever. We talked about everything for hours on end. I almost missed my flight home because we lost ourselves in conversation.

Did We or Didn’t We: I could smell the lust coming from his pores as we walked back to our hotel room Saturday evening. It was the moment that I was dreading all night. As wonderful as the date was going- it became obvious to me that he had flown me to Vegas because he was interested in the things that interest men. His one and only goal was to bed and conquer. Sighs…..
So now I’m at the end of the date debating if this fancy man gets the expedited treatment based simply on his status.


I walk the green mile to the bathroom- seemingly- I have to prepare and partake. And then it happens……Nature comes in and says #NotToday I’m in the bathroom doing a praise dance, milly-rocking, and pop-locking. The red light has made the decision for me. I go out to deliver the news…..and bless his heart #42 although disappointed, went to purchase feminine products for me and we ended the night/date with a kiss.

Love Connection: Not at all. He’s an awesome guy! Pretty dope actually. But he just wants to have sex. He will spare no cost to achieve that but that’s not really what I’m looking for. Sure- a girl likes to be wined and dined and flown all over the coast but believe it or not- I am looking for something of substance. #42 isn’t offering anything authentic or different…….just sex with some fancy frills attached to it.


*Guy 42: The Executive originally appeared on Facebook October 24th, 2017