I Walked With You In The Storm

I walked with you in the storm. I was with you when [you] denounced me. I smiled at you because I created you and love you. You chased materialism, you chased false idols, you chased money and power. You inherited the earth but there was no rebirth. I left explicit instructions for you. A book, a manifesto something to behold that was better than gold. I gave you 75 years to make amends but you wanted to get bent ignore me and hang with your friends, then you ended up in hell like you did not comprehend.
I sent you John, Malcolm, Martin, Obama and Ghandi. John talked to you before my arrival. I am the light that will set men free. Free from sin and destruction. How can you doubt my existence? How can you not pray and ask for repentance? I asked my father not to destroy the earth again. The sun will rain on the just and unjust, yet the wicked continue to fuss.
Amazing grace, restore your faith. Never argue with a fool, his words are not cool. Racism, skepticism, rape and immoral debates have no way in my father’s kingdom. Martin fulfilled his destiny, he died for a cause to free mankind from bigotry and hatred. Follow me if you want everlasting life. Follow me and I will write your name in the book of life. Follow me to my father’s house. There will be no more pain and sorrow. I am your last stop. I will end all suffering and pain. Remember to do everything in Gods name.