Love Poem

I was always scared to approach you. Your fashion was pure seduction. I loved the way your hair laid on your shoulders. Your skin tone and smile. I always want to dial. Area code and press rewind to hear your voice. I see no one in the room. You are my only choice. Heels and intelligence, I found you, I always wanted to call you my boo. Will you look me in my eyes and help my dreams come true? Holding hands walking in the sand day-dreaming of the day I met you. My heart is pounding, I am glad God brought us together, now I can say I love you.
Love is kind, love is pure. l looked for you for 20 years and finally found you. It was frustrating at times. The world said light skin was out, you had to be 6 feet hanging down to your knees and tapped out. We have love, what’s that radio ‘ish about? I watched you for months dreaming about holding you and consoling you, protecting you and calling you my boo.
Sometimes love makes you a fool. I had to make sure your slate was clean, too many in the past had too many in between the sheets. Your credibility added tranquility. I held your hand and the size was just right. There was a rainbow at the end of your smile. A size 7 was perfect. Will you take this yellow two carrot and say I do? I want to show the rest of the world that I found my one and only love, God said that man when man finds a wife he is blessed. I love you forever, nothing compares, the end of my journey has unfolded, I’ve conquered my quest!!