Man’s Love Poem

My life is empty without you. Time is of the essence. I am looking forward to calling the Reverend. Place your hand over your heart and lets become one. The soul is now connected, bliss is equipped. PDA in the worst way. The mental is connected it’s not about lust when God made you I wanted to fuss. I want to fuss in the worst way!! I love your smile and profile. Your skin tone radiates. Your sense of self is what attracted me to you. No one else in the room has the title of wife! We can’t do it without Christ. Humble yourself, I will provide mad wealth. Let reproduce and produce mad troops. It’s not all about diamond’s, with that being said you deserve so much more, I adore the day we crossed paths. It’s so dope when a man says he loves you so bad!! Take this platinum band and my last name. Mr. Smith do you take this woman to become one, through sickness and wealth to death do us part, are you ready to give her your heart?


I busted a nut in your mind. I wanted you in the worst way and I hope that you would stay. Intelligence is relevant. It’s more than sex, it’s more than the physical, it’s about the connection we made, I love you till this day. We talked endless nights,  discussed the plight of man, I just wanted to hold your hand and walk in the distance with my love. I show my affection with love, hugs, and intelligent banter. It’s levels to finding a wife. I could not have done it without praying to Christ.


When a man finds a wife he is blessed. We found forever. We are one. The union has been finalized. I finally got the prize. Please know that you are loved, mind, body, and soul. I looked into your eyes and knew I had the one. You’re irreplaceable, there can never be another one!!!