Minority Report

Socially conscious philanthropic. Times have changed. People are enraged! Does a thought matter? He killed his image with slander. I can’t believe what happened to him, he was an innocent by standard. Salute the troops and March with pride!! Salute the flag and the 50 states, can Kap’ still throw the pigskin, his loyalty is looked at with disgrace. Misplaced hatred, aggression, character assassination, did he really say we need to go back to the plantation? Have we hit a level of stagnation? Biblical passages, a message to the youth, when are people going to tell the truth? Do Black lives really matter? Why are the people still overlooked, why are the people always mistook for crooks? A minority report, let’s abort, it’s a negative conclusion, are we living in an illusion?

Have you read the minority report? A political report, it starts off with no justice, no peace and we shall overcome one day! A concrete jungle of sort. Let’s extort the people and introduce syphilis, imaginable hatred and methamphetamines, they took away most of our dreams! If I don’t stand for the flag am I deemed? That man over there stole my families dreams, the American dream, to provide for the family and protect and serve, this life for some is a blur. Mansions for some and shacks for most. Are capitalism and free speech helping? Or is it neglect, some look at the past with retrospect! How can you judge me when I can’t have the right to live a meaningful life? I close my eyes bend down and try to find the answers from Christ.


A rally point. Marches and retribution, are we in line for restitution? Our we are own conclusion? Life causes some confusion! Will you stand for something? Will you change how you’re perceived? Will you invest and save for the future? Unthink what you learned, reprogram the thoughts and throw out the textbooks from which we were taught. Will it be a biblical passage that will help you through? What will change with the new outlook? The minority report is to negative, help a relative and change the perception and mind state, our race should never be up for debate!

Raymond H Smith