I can’t cope, too many are carrying horoscopes, too many can’t cope. My scope is to heal the youth and tell people the truth. What are the kids taught? Genesis is not taught in school, I rebuke you because if the bible is brought up they think I am a fool but two men holding hands and kissing is cool. Is society backward? Is it mans law? Too many people think that black people are outlaws! Society is in flux, too many people describe their outcome as an expletive!! The toughest can’t be defined so they cuss!! Desired dreams and ambitions of fashion. Millions are left homeless and aloof but governments continue to send in the troops. People are not arguing over sanity, humanity is pitting Christians against Muslims and Jews against blacks and gays, too many are led astray. We continue to pray, day in and out people are in Sunday school shouting about paying bills and jobs that pass them by, the preacher presents we bow for lent, some in the crowd are bent, many are struggling to pay the rent. Society is in flux many continue to cuss, is this just? People continue to die, he was just by my side killed by terrorist motives. Was he sent by the devil? Will we see this again? When will the pain end, how many friends are blowing in the wind?

Desensitized is it cool to watch people commit suicide, filmed and thought of as amazed is society crazed? Mayhem, mad shouts, hundreds lay dead people continue to be misled. Jealousy, hypocrisy, are you with me or against me. You can’t speak for it and be against it. Is it fake news or are you obtuse, I thought you were supposed to help peoples dreams come true but some are embarrassed the day they met you. Everyone is carrying guns, too many have lost loved ones, society is on the run!! Rules and regulations? too many explanations, bullets have led to donations, is it really exploitation? I can’t get his soul back, his eyes rolled back and his name has been forgotten in the grave his flesh will rotten.


A range of motion many say that black lives are causing a commotion, how come so many are given a demotion? A promotion for the just? Is life fair, how dare you compare me to the substance of a man that has no grace, we all pray and we move by faith. How can you argue his existence, is your mental led astray, maybe we need to continue to pray!! We are all going to be judged on judgment day, make sure your soul is saved by grace!!

Raymond H Smith