Shed My Skin

An endless fall, nothing around to slow me
Haunted by emotion and the fact you’ll never know me
Afraid to stay authentic, cause I️ know you’ll love the phony
But my masquerade is over as I️ shed my skin slowly
Wanna fit in so bad at the cost of being me
Wanna be who you like with no individuality

I’ve conformed to my sins and behaved pedantically
But I’m not a mental slave so I️ shed my skin frantically
Let my need for popularity set up life limitations
I️ lost myself chasing my mental states fabrication
It was my fixation that pushed me until I found I️ was mistaken
As I️ shed my skin I️ start to remember that I️ am Jason
I️ found myself, then I️ looked to my friends
No more self-doubt, or evil thoughts from within


I️ shout I️ made it to the light when my path looked dim
You guys helped me fight over and over again
Never judged me or ask “yo what’s wrong with him”
Just helped me emerge and ask where the hell have you been
You believed when I️ couldn’t and didn’t choose to condemn
Don’t you see without your love I️ never woulda’ shed my skin