The beast has been unleashed and turned society into free for all, it’s hard to stand tall. Beatings occur daily, the mentality is almost close to insanity. Corruption and misplaced hatred. People with melanin are shot dead and misread. The rights are not everyone’s rights. Stand for the amendment and die for a cause, pause and descend, it was a second time a church was shot up again. We can’t even pray in peace, deceased, the spirit can’t comprehend, the flesh knows no end. The devil roams within. Countless deaths, he just took his last breath. Will evil ever rest? Bent on gun laws. Slander will not change or bring his spirit back, four little black girls were killed in a bomb attack. Mayhem misplaced hatred. Have we lost mankind? What’s his mind frame? Is he deranged? Do you think God knows his name?
Nameless and faceless. Terrorist acts. Did he just yell out, God’s got my back? Thy shall not kill follow my commandments and you may enter the kingdom. The sequel is transforming society into a pulp fiction, a rendition of pure evil masquerading as a saint. The creations children are killing each other for idiotic endeavors. Gang ties, suicides, drive byes, war, illegitimate laws and rogue cops this must stop. Shot dead for having your hands up and set free? The judge on earth has no authority over me! Crying, disdain did you just kill a child, did you know his name? 
Forgive the people because they don’t know what they do. Prayer was thrown out of school and the constitution needs to be rewritten, to many have died over a split decision. Retribution or Restitution, will it bring his soul back? Did his words really cause an attack? Are we really free at last? Don’t discredit the King in death soon we are going to have to wear a vest to protest. Let your last breath speak of saving your soul, society is out of control!!!
Raymond H Smith