Word and verb phrases have some people jaded. He argued semantics and idiosyncrasies, his dialect left some fostering his introspect. He struck an accord with his blunt pitch. He never used profanity. His thoughts were profound and he ended every sentence with a noun. He read narratives of Kings and Queens, bishops and priests, clerics and southern pastors. He never judged, only to understand the heart of man. What is upon your tongue? Are your thoughts and heart pure? Are you often misunderstood? What if you were handed a pedestal and spoke for the people do you think you could?





Take action and do the best you can. He had a speech in his hand. He spoke for the people that we should all be treated with respect no matter the dialect. He spoke and he gagged. He started off this is the land of the people and we should respect all that is hear. No borders of protection, free speech should transcend. No Guantanamo Bay, no wall should be constructed to keep the people out. This land is free for all. This land was built by immigrants, the statue of liberty will tell you that.





 Free speech does is not always good if it’s coming from [a] mindless cynic. His obtuse gestures can cause [a] fuss among the people. Free election does not always mean we are going to get brethren that speak for people. The mouth of one does not speak for the masses. His speech and gestures might be the fall of a great nation. His actions may cause provocations.