The Message

He fell from grace. He was bent out of shape. The world changed him. His soul was corrupt. Searching for the meaning of life, Christ has been aborted. His message to the people was distorted. A message was sent, how can the word come of age? The page was erased, there was no longer a debate. How can this be? He was given eternal life, but his message was a contradiction of Christ. A premonition of a just cause and effect. A cause was to distort the message, the effect was chaos. Subliminal slang, calling the wrong name, leading the masses to destruction. A biblical manifest. A righteous tone was on deaf ears. Can the message be changed? Will he readjust and send a different message in Gods name?
A false sense, tone-deaf, the message can be addressed. Kill and destroy was a ploy. Gods creation was casting a doubt, the word was jaded it left the people faded. A section of the soul had separated from the mental and slid into the abyss because the message changed and nothing was done in Gods name. Chronicle the life from birth and death. The message is to honor the son and believe without a doubt. A message was sent to prevent. Atheist and Agnostic rang tones but left the people def!!
A messenger fell from the sky. A false sense. The spirit had been corrupt. The message could not be sent about everlasting life and the birth of Christ. The message was changed, the flesh was lipid and transformed the soul into death. A saint had fallen from the sky and had the masses were committing spiritual suicide because the message had changed and in the end, nothing was done in Gods name.
Raymond H Smith