50 States

Salute for justice March for equality. Society is out of balance. My pigmentation is a form of neglect. My pupils are dilated, I can’t stand straight, some people are struggling to pay section eight but we continue to debate about leftist ideologue, who’s really fighting for me? We stomp in our timbs’ for respect but some people claim they can’t understand our dialect. We want acknowledgment that we are misplaced, our mental was erased, our families tried to escape but there still seems to be a debate. Change the declaration, there was unwanted penetration, I’m more than 3/5ths, I’m biblical. It was written that we are going to overcome. Love thy neighbor was inscribed, please stop telling lies!! 50 states we salute you and what you do but it’s not always about you.


Neglect is a far cry. Fight for what s right!! Is an education supposed to make up for 500 years? Underemployed, annoyed about the state!! Irate, Congress is up for debate. Empty rhetoric, we were sent on ships!! How did we make it through? God heard us and listened, some our dreams came true!! How can we salute, society needs a reboot, Control, alt delete, our soles on our feet is a far cry!! Many continue to get high to many of us have died, hopefully, the Lord will see our hearts on the inside!!


50 states!!! Is it really that serious? You can’t or will not acknowledge the wrong that was done. We are all supposed to love. That’s a quote from heaven above. I will stand and salute if we get justice for our young soldiers that were gunned down. The greatest country on earth, was it founded on diversity or inequality? The hollow treats to some. An interconnected weave of lies and division. It’s up to you 50 states. Make the final decision and write what s wrong. We don’t want to have to continue to sing the same song!!! Death and empty rhetoric, a thorn in our side. 50 states will you comply?
Raymond H Smith