7 Deadly Sins

Death before dishonor, my soul is corrupt. Men have died several times. The last breath of men spoke about the several deadly sins. Gluttony, lust, greed, pride, sloth, wrath and envy. I can’t cope. The flesh is weak, we seek to be like God but we keep hearing stories of how man is always being robbed of his soul. Revelations can’t save man, flipped the chapter back to John going back and forth with the Koran. Laws are set in place for actions on earth, what’s the spirit of a man’s soul worth. The enemy is fighting from within, this narrative has played out several times prayer should reside from within. He dug himself an early grave, the seven sins took his breath away. He bore a cross on his flesh and scripture on his chest but the enemy took him and his last breath was revived but not in Christ’s eyes.
He was given life promised 75 five years. Seen mayhem and disgrace, plight on man’s face. Warfare and the whispers of destruction. Cataclysm and ill decisions. Preachers preaching about paradise but some stealing the souls of man, will God look upon us and guide us to the promise land? Freedom and just comes with a price, see a man cry twice and ask for the soul back, the structure has cracked, he fell for the devils seven deadly sins, in the pit is where is soul dwells within.


Warnings please don’t fall, I left instructions, I’m a phone call away!! John warned us that the son of man was coming back. Don’t let the seven deadly sins attack! I gave the people sight but they were blinded by ambition are you really a Christian? Division and rivals, don’t let the enemy still your joy! I have seen too many souls cast in the pit of hell. Once the judgment is cast there is not coming back. Don’t die in sin. Pray to God that he will let you live for eternity this is a warning!! Don’t fall for the seven…
Raymond H Smith