JAN21ROC: And The Women Marched…

Today, it seems as if Americans love protests only in a historical context. Just days after Martin Luther King Jr.’s celebration, women across the world took to the streets. And the women marched for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our familiesThe march was for the rights of all Americans. Just as Dr. King was begrudged for a having the audacity to demand equal rights, the same can be said for yesterday’s marches. But, march on ladies.

Rochester, N.Y., home to Susan B. and Frederick Douglass, held a march and a diverse crowd came out in support of rights for all. Many thanks to @seriesoflight, @xeyedcat, @baylablip and @ameliahatesmen for including us in their social media posts. Here are some of their visuals from Rochester’s march and rally.






#roctownlive people’s solidarity rally

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