Kingdom Come

I left Damascus with instructions to bless a new nation and spread the gospel. Before I could convert I had to have my own rebirth.  My identity was changed from a soldier to a General. I command thee to bless thy new nation. This nation will be just, this nation will allow freedom of speech, this nation will allow people to gather and praise without persecution, this nation will allow free will. I talked with Religious leaders and Presidents. Laid out a plan of individual freedoms and economic independence. No slander of bystanders or jealous intentions. Everyone is going to live in harmony and love the neighbor. Ths constitution is going to be written where every man respects one another and has love for one another. A pure heart above anything else is where the nation will be blessed.


500 hundred years later I found everything has changed and nothing was done in Gods name. I never left instructions not to harm thy fellow man and persecute him for his religious freedom. I never told the human race to ship ten million souls from the birthplace to the new nation and have everyone work for free, tis of thee. Thy nation is built on false promises, slander of an innocent bystander, killing of innocent children and fighting for whats right. You kill God’s people but don’t expect them to retaliate and continue to treat the race like primates, the society is up for a false debate. Where in the constitution can the people legislate? God knows everyone’s case! Society took too many innocent souls, Martin and Malcolm, Gandhi and Emmett Till, there is a special place in the Kingdom for souls where no one grows old!!


Indignation, no one should have been left on the plantation, my instructions were to liberate the nation. Men will be judged for their actions on earth. When judgment is set, there can never be a rebirth. In church, I ask the people to pray for the nation. False promises and irate character has led many to an early death. Don’t die in your sins before your last breath.


Raymond H Smith