Law Poem

Moses gave us the laws Jesus gave us faith and mercy. The law was written years ago and gives us guidance for everlasting life. The law written today takes our life. Justice and peace are what we have strived for. My heroes have died young. Gandhi, Marcus Garvey, and Martin just to name a few. Justice and abuse were common place. Water houses torture, biting dogs and guns are a common place. Society is a disgrace. Laws are written to protect the blue but they are killing us and our dreams are not coming true!! Who’s law should we follow. Will repentance and justice be given to all? Is our society in a free for all? Some people lose faith when a loved one is taken. Why should we continue to have hell on earth? The red clay stains the fields. The whip took my breath away!!! Painstaking as it maybe King James commands us to pray for thee!!
Jesus said sell all of your possessions and follow me, my friends used to make fun of me because I did not have the latest style, but they lived a false sense. Dilapidated housing, section 8, crime ridden society, carrying a firearm to gain notoriety. We are stuck, we are chasing paper and false dreams, we can’t maintain because our mental is corrupt. Society has us going nuts. Should we follow Mosses or Mans law? We are in a false sense. We can’t lean on Jesus because we have lost faith.
Hold King James, scripture will help you see Hevans gate. The laws on earth have me irate!!! Trayvon shot dead, Mike Brown shot dead, Emmitt Till blood still stains the land. Before I stand for your law and justice will you lend my people a helping hand? I am trying to have faith and follow Mosses law but man’s law has my mental misplaced. Screams in the distance, a 100-year sentence. My rival can’t be my idol, my thoughts are suicidal. No more souls taken from me. God open up heavens gate and continue to pray for thee!!!
Raymond H Smith